About me.

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Hello, I'm Tiffany! I am a southern girl, born and raised in Alabama. I grew up riding 4-wheelers down old dirt roads, and while my music genre of choice has shifted a bit since high school, my favorite band will always be The Alabama Boys. I played sports in my early teens, but it was the year 2000 when my fitness journey truly began. I became a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor and began working at the gym where I started out cleaning sunbeds. Soon after, I began training for my first triathlon and became obsessed with the capabilities of the human body when pushed to its limits. Within a couple of years, I was presented with the opportunity to purchase the gym I trained at, and it's been a continuous grind ever since. In 2006 however, I decided it was time for a new adventure, so I sold the gym, packed up my Jeep, and headed toward the beach. I moved to Destin, Florida where I fell in love with my husband and the sport of CrossFit.

After seven years of beach life, we were off to Osan, Korea. I dedicated all of my time to training and studying and began competing in fitness competitions. To feed fuel to the fire of my competitiveness, I began Obstacle Racing. This passion for adventure led me into over 20 incredible racing adventures, in five countries, on three continents.

After a stay in South Korea, we were off to Italy where I faced my biggest adventure to date, coaching CrossFit at Aviano Air Force Base (oh yeah, did I mention that's why we move around so much, my husband is military). I took on coaching and programming for the next three years. My time in Italy was spent racing, competing, and coaching, and in between, I squeezed in some school work. I decided to use my time overseas to go back to school and study my greatest passion, Nutrition.

We currently live in Las Vegas, Nevada where I create customized training and nutrition programs for those looking to create healthier habits.

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