Since spending half of my life in the fitness industry, I can say with confidence that when it comes to an overall healthy lifestyle, for most, the gym is the easy part. Almost anyone can dig deep an hour a day to workout, but when it comes to controlling how & what we eat, it’s not always so easy! Not only does maintaining a well-balanced diet take thought & willpower, but we also have to sort through all of the bogus information on the web. Not only does all of the nonsense create confusion & inconsistency, it often leads to nutrient deficiencies & eating disorders. The most useful tool that helped me in overcoming my vicious battle with food was keeping a food journal. I wrote down everything I ate. It was a tedious task & it took a lot of time but immediately I began to recognize the days that I consumed too few calories or too many calories. Within several weeks, I was able to see which foods fueled my workouts the best, & which meals left me feeling tired & unmotivated. It took several months, but eventually, I was able to recognize that persistence of meeting my caloric needs was changing both my mental and physical state. Fast forward 15 years & I have finally grasped an understanding of what foods work best for ME. I still keep a food journal, & as a nutrition coach, I encourage all of my clients to keep one as well. The biggest question I get regarding my nutrition, “What do you eat?” Well, here it is. I have laid it out, My Colorful Food Journal. If you’re hoping for some glamorous recipes or magical ways to keep vegetables from tasting like vegetables, well then….you may be disappointed. I don’t follow any specific diet, although I have tried them all. I eat a combination of animal meat, plant-based meatless alternatives, nuts, dairy, grains, & occasionally, pizza & alcohol. As a nutritional science student & athlete for most of my young adult life, I have a great understanding of what foods work best for ME. Here they are. I hope you enjoy My Colorful Food Journal!

My Colorful Food Journal

As a nutritionist, I constantly get questions regarding my own personal food choices. What are my favorites? What are some of my staples? What do I eat after a workout? I have answered these questions and many more by sharing a look into my own personal 6-Week food journal. Enjoy!